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This is an article about Tim Published in the Lakeland ledger: Thursday, Dec 9, 2009

For most of 22 years, 44-year-old Tim Lauzon has tended bar at the Isle of Capri in Lakeland. He works alongside his wife, and says she is a large part of what makes the bar run well. Lauzon says the longevity at the Isle of Capri is due to the great customers. When not working, Lauzon likes to relax at home with his wife and 16-year-old son. Lauzon moved to Florida from Massachusetts 30 years ago to follow his older brother."

-- Jennifer Canady/Ledger Correspondent click here to read the article
This is an article about Christy Published in the Lakeland ledger: Thursday, June 15, 2006

After 25 years as a bartender -- the last 20 at Isle of Capri off Combee Road in Lakeland -- Christy Lauzon has figured out the key qualities any good bartender must possess: the ability to juggle a million things at once and a personality. Lauzon -- as demonstrated as she grilled hamburgers, poured beer and made small talk with her customers on a recent afternoon -- has both. "Women are good jugglers. We take care of the kids, the home, the husbands -- they're just like babies -- but they don't have us as president."

-- Rachel Pleasant/The Ledger click here to read the article

Hello Everyone,

I am writing this to introduce you to the Isle Of Capri. It is a family owned and operated beer and wine pub located in Lakeland Florida. They also serve food that is outstanding. Noted for their burgers and fries which are always cooked your way and served by some of the most polite and enlightening people around. Take out and call in orders are always accepted.

The Isle Of Capri has awesome Karaoke on Wens, Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Sunday evenings. Pool and pool tournaments, darts and dart tournaments are all part of the fun.

Tim and Christy Lauzon are the owners of the Isle Of Capri, and two of the most caring people. They have sponsored many benefits for a lot of causes which include burial expenses, medical costs and many many others.

Kids (both large and small) are part of this establishment, which Christy and Tim sponsor Halloween, Xmas, Easter and other holiday parties for them.

Stop on by and become one of the family with us.